Full disclosure: I graduated with a major GPA of 2.7 in college. That led to an uphill battle as I scrambled to figure out what was next.

The differential between the classes and subjects I loved, and the ones I hated, was significant. The elegance, conceptual and problem solving nature of organic chemistry, was my thing. Never once did it feel like work. My curiosity was alive.

Throw me into a calculus class, and… well… I would try. Try my best, but something was different. The concepts, and ideas presented didn’t sync with the rythym of my brainwaves. I was lucky to pass those classes.

To this day, I still question if I needed an attitude adjustment, or if my brain just really doesn’t work in the way that is needed to be successful in a field as abstract as calculus, or physics.

Ultimately to say — I valued autonomy. Being able to learn what I wanted to learn, when it was appropriate. I remember in college going straight from the organic chemistry lab I was working in, over to the makerspace. Set up a reaction, and then go play with the CNC router. That’s what I wanted to do. What I wanted to learn. Not something obscure like Riemann sums, or solving diferential equations.

The common thread is the use of my hands. The process of doing. Of making.

Using the physical world as a medium to express my desire to solve problems. That’s the essence of my passion.

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